New theory on the beginning of the Universe

I have theories, many theories, and this one theory is about this Universe, and it’s very beginning.  Continue reading


The world is about to change

Saw this today

Shit just got real. No more charging!  Ever!

Funny that the first products from this will be a USB charger and an e-cigarette. 

This is my big FUCK YOU to ALL of the elitist fucktards. To everyone else, I hope you all benefit from this and are blessed with abundance and prosperity. 

SOMETHING HAPPENED during my Windows 10 install experience

I decided to try Installing Windows 10 by going to the Microsoft website and downloading the install.  First I downloaded very quickly the nifty little installer (and yes, I ran it as Administrator) and the first screen prompt was quite clear:

2015-07-30 18_14_53-Windows 10 SetupI proceeded to click Next and then I was welcomed with an extremely important message from the installer to inform me as to what happened:

2015-07-30 18_13_17-Windows 10 Setup

I paused for a moment as I read this prompt, and wondered why it is that a multibillion dollar organization can’t even create informative software.  Since my only option at this point was to click Close, I was given the opportunity to click “Close the program ” as indicated in the following window.

2015-07-30 18_13_42-Modern Setup Host


I figured that perhaps my machine was a bit wonky as it’s been on for a while, I decided to reboot, and was welcomed with the same most wonderful message.

I even went so far as to install ALL outstanding updates on the current OS, and then try again after rebooting to no avail.

So there you have it, my experience with the Windows 10 install, it was fun while it lasted.

Do not buy Frigidaire, here’s why

About a year ago I purchased a brand new fridge.  The model: Frigidaire, a basic white fridge, nothing fancy.  Here I was thinking that by paying less for something simple, it would be fine, but I was wrong.  Apparently, lower cost means cheap parts, and in this case, one of which I speak of is the door handle.  That said, do you think I could buy a replacement handle?  Nope.  I am forced to pay double and buy TWO!  The handle actually broke off from normal use after one year. Some people will definitely say that because it’s “just a handle”, that I should not worry about it and just spend the $100 and buy the two handles to replace the one, but that’s exactly the problem. Here’s what I think that Frigidaire has actually done:

  1. As part of their planned obsolescence scheme for their newer model fridges, they designed their handles to break off after normal use.  From what I can tell, other parts like the drawers and door units break easily as well.  Want proof?  Just look at their production lines for replacement parts, I can guarantee you that it is much higher than it used to be in relation to the number of fridges sold.
  2. Whenever possible, to include in the part#, a set of parts, so that the person (er victim) is forced to pay much more for the part they need.  Note: Part number is singular, not plural.  If I want a part, I want a single part, not parts.  So, simply by forcing people to pay DOUBLE, they double their profits.

As the years pass, more and more products are like this.  I will keep a log of all the products that I encounter, where the manufacturer has introduced some form of planned obsolescence.

Over time we will see that this will be more and more prevalent, and people will continue to dismiss it because it’s not a “big deal”, which is exactly what these large companies want you to think.

Plutocracy, Idolatry, and Stupidity

So here I am, watching all the crap in the news go by, powerless to do anything about it. I see in the news loads of articles that talk about this desperate need to have an energy solution to address the constant problems around the world that stem from extremely inefficient and/or century old energy technologies.  Meanwhile, seriously misinformed people Continue reading

Elon’s take on the Quantum Vacuum

Untitled design

I noticed in my twitter feed Elon’s post about referencing the Io9 article about the EMDrive.  The article basically states that the EMDrive is crap.  Despite the replication efforts around the world that validated the anomalous thrust.  Unfortunately the article is discounting the credentials of the NASA engineers. Continue reading

Warp drive invented by NASA?

I noticed some articles out there that state that NASA invented the warp drive by accident. They apparently fired lasers into the resonance chamber and discovered that the light was traveling faster than the theoretical barrier. 

If you read my posts about the EMDrive, I postulated that it could be a similar effect due to time variance. In other words, it’s possible that the time variant effect in the EMDrive and my ZPE technology is actually manipulating time, hence the strange faster than light measurements!